A Ritual To Get Ready For The New Year


I once read a dating book by John Gray who explained that one of the tricks to starting a good relationship was to always end your relationships in the best way possible.

This has always stuck with me: If you embrace the change, are grateful for your experience, and can let go of what no longer serves you, the energy is cleared to allow for a fresh, new beginning.

Now what about the relationship that you have with each passing year? Do you think this same ritual can be applied? I do. And if we give ourselves the chance to end the year in gratitude, joy, and learning – what may become of next year?

Why, the possibilities are endless!

While time marches on uninterrupted, I believe there is still a shift that takes place between this year and next. And it is important to honor this shift with your own ritual.

This ritual provides us all with an opportunity to pay attention to our intentions both for what we would like to leave in and learn from this year and what we would like to create in the New Year.

Give yourself a gift this holiday season and take 15 minutes, 1 hour, a day – whatever you can allow – and put a pause on the holiday rush. Sit alone, have a glass of wine, and decide consciously what you wish to leave behind. This will automatically begin opening up space and energy for what is coming.

What lessons and joys are you taking with you? Give thanks. What are you leaving behind? Let it go. What do you most desire for the New Year? Write it down. This can be an illuminating experience. You deserve it!

By giving yourself time during a season that is so easily consumed by others’ wishes and demands, you building the ritual of honoring your relationship with yourself. And I couldn’t think of a better, more powerful way to embrace the New Year.


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