Assessment Results

Check out your results below:

  • Above 85% = Spaciousness and Freedom
  • 75 – 85% = Systems That Fit Your Life 
  • 65 – 75% = Transforming Your Habits
  • Below 65% = You Are Ready For Change 

Spaciousness and Freedom

Your systems are flexible and spacious enough to provide you with the structure you need to optimize your freedom. They accommodate the inevitable ebb and flow of your life.

You trust yourself and your team’s abilities to track what needs to be accomplished and to follow through on your priorities. And while it takes daily focus and attention, staying on top of things is an integral part of your life. When life throws you off track you understand how to get back on.

You are clear about how much time and energy you are willing to commit to work and play each week and protect your time accordingly.

You take seriously the need to rejuvenate and balance your energy with self-care and play and leave room in your schedule to be ‘off’ – with little to no guilt or anxiety.

While life never stays in perfect harmony there are more days you are ‘in the flow’ then not. Your ability to tap into the wellspring of creativity and resources inside of you brings your contribution to the world to a whole new level.


Your Next Steps

Transforming Habits

You’ve done some research on how to be more productive. Maybe you’ve read some books or blogs or even taken a seminar on finding the right system for you. And while you have tried many different approaches you still haven’t found a system that really feels like it’s yours.

However, through this process you have consciously or unconsciously started to shift your habits around time and organization. You are tracking your most immediate priorities but you still aren’t sure if everything is being captured.

On a weekly or bi-weekly basis you pull together a list of what needs to get done and it helps to focus and re-center you. You are able to prioritize and delegate items off of this list to a certain degree. You may not go back to this list until you feel overwhelmed again.

Email and other people’s problems still eat up most of your days. You have a few strong anchors in your schedule that you keep sacred but the majority of time your time is available to anyone that wants it.

You understand the importance of taking time for yourself even though you don’t always listen to your body about when you need a break.

Your Next Steps

Ready For Change

You’ve got tons going on. Commitments, responsibilities, projects you’d love to get to. It can be hard to know which way to turn, what is the most important thing to focus on.

Your days are spent reactively rushing from one appointment to the next and dealing with the inevitable fires that pop up. When you do happen to have a break without someone pulling at you – it is so hard to know where to start so you default to email.

Right now much of your energy is being channeled into remembering what it is you have to do since most of your tasks are stored in your memory or scattered on bits of paper. Occasionally you may create a to-do list but it is inconsistent and can leave you feeling overwhelmed instead of relieved.

The anxiety over what might be ‘falling through the cracks’ is impacting your sleep, mood, creativity, and stress levels. Delegation is challenging because it is going to take so much energy to pass along the tasks.

Weekends and vacations are spent ‘catching up’ on organizing projects, email backlog, and clearing your office desk.

Fortunately you are aware. And you are ready for change (otherwise you wouldn’t have taken this assessment). You realize that there must be an easier way to operate in life. And you are right. The great thing about the process is that it isn’t a matter of fixing you; it is a matter of fixing your systems.

Your Next Steps