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The Illogical Pursuit of Self-Help

The world of self-help – whether you are attempting to be more productive, reduce stress, overcome anxiety, lose weight, make more money, accomplish goals, fix bad habits, be healthier, etc. – can be boiled down to one overarching goal: We want to feel better. We want to feel OK at our most fundamental level. This is the promise of self-help. Life is

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hire life coach

5 Myths About Hiring a Life Coach

If you are considering hiring a life coach, it is important to have clear expectations of what life coaching is – and is not – so that you can find the best coach for you. It took me about 10 years of coaching, hundreds of hours of training, and thousands of client hours to embrace the term “life coach”. I had some issues with this title. There are

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Food craving

The Logic Behind Food Cravings

Over the years while working with clients around stuck habits like procrastination, anxiety, stress, I’ve noticed an interesting trend: Food cravings can be triggered by a variety of physical or mental factors. A hormonal imbalance, a poor diet, high stress levels, or insufficient sleep or physical activity may cause these symptoms. Binging, weight

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create change

Creating Change Without Burning Out

It’s cliché to be sure, but I just can’t resist writing about creating change at the beginning of a new year. There is so much possibility and potential. There is a buzz, an energy that can usher in a wave of focus and motivation. It can be exciting to kick start new goals and make this “your best year yet”. While this energy can absolutely

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The Perfect Way to End Perfectionism

Sometimes when I need to start a project - a blog post, cleaning my house, a marketing campaign - whatever it might be - my brain starts mapping all of the possible ways it can do. While never this organized, it can feel a bit like this: Also, check

Productivity Increase: A Strategy-Free Approach It’s like I can see the endless decisions

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3 Ways to Stop Overthinking Naturally In this week's video I tackle a really common challenge - not just for my clients but for most of us navigating this thing called Life: The Tendency to Overthink. Humans have the capacity to think. It is pretty extraordinary when you step back to consider this power. Even beyond what we think about - the fact that we think

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How to Get Rid of Negative Thinking

Getting rid of negative thinking is the current über popular self-development strategy of the day. It looks logical - we'll feel better if we get rid of all the bad thoughts in our minds. If we can keep our thoughts positive we'll be more positive. Avoiding negative thoughts has become a cultural obsession. Ironically, we are pretty negative about

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