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3 Steps To a Smooth September

In the last week, I've had three clients express anxiety over what September is about to bring: More time at work

More time running the kids aroundMore time volunteering/social clubs/etc. Which means: Less time

keeping the house in orderLess time to take care of yourself and othersLess time actually getting things done But

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What Your To-Do List Reveals About You

Which scenario sounds most like you? Scenario One: You made a to-do list awhile ago but it was so overwhelming you couldn’t look at it again. Mostly, you know what needs to get done because it is screaming the loudest in your brain. Pausing to write tasks down on a piece of paper (that you might lose) feels like a massive waste of time. Mostly likely

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Unconventional Time Strategies That Work

As many of you know, I don’t believe in let-me-tell-you-what-to-do-time-management. Why? It doesn’t work. What does work is the perfect-for-you time system just waiting to be fully discovered and put into practice - that's buried inside of you. It's been covered up by the endless stream of conventional time management advice that everyone is

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How To Make Planning Less Overwhelming

Back in the 7th grade I broke my arm during basketball practice. I was terrible at basketball. I tripped while running backwards and soon found myself lying on the gym floor with my head propped against my not-quite-leather jacket (a must-have accessory back in 1992). It didn’t take long for my mom to show up and ask if this was my way of getting out

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