Category: Time Management

How to Organize Your Papers

For many, the idea of sitting down to pay bills or organize your papers can feel like an exhausting and overwhelming prospect - draining your energy before you even begin. This can feed the procrastination that allows the project to snowball in your mind and hang over your head until you inevitably have to deal with it. I can’t make the administrative

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Tools to Track Your Tasks

A major cause of overwhelm is when you don't have a tool to track your tasks - other than your brain. Pause for a moment and consider just how many tasks, ideas, projects, and plans you’ve currently got floating through your brain like balloons. They keep flitting around bumping into other thoughts, never staying put on your mental to-do list. It

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6 Tips For Effective Planning

Carving out the time to sit and plan out your days, the upcoming week, or your longer-term projects, etc. can be rife with challenges. There is always something popping up threatening your intentions. Things to-do or people to see or calls to make that feel more pressing (and more interesting) than planning. And then even when you do manage to get

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