How to Eliminate (A Lot of) Anxiety in Under a Minute

Here is a quick video on how to eliminate a lot of anxiety in under a minute.

Anxiety has a funny way of convincing us that we need to do more and move faster in order to get out of the uncomfortable feeling of anxiety. This can naturally lead to a lot of stress.

For others anxiety can have paralyzing effect where we end up getting stuck and unable to move forward. We often call this procrastination.

What is most common is that we swing on a pendulum between these two extremes. Over or under doing. Unable to find a consistent balance.

That is why I created this video to start point you toward a new direction that can quiet a lot of our anxiety in the moment.

Click on the video to discover:

  • Why uncomfortable feelings including anxiety get a bad rap
  • How we inadvertently make things harder for ourselves
  • A simple shift in moving through uncomfortable feelings more quickly

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