The holistic practitioner and coaching directory was born out of the desire to better match clients with guides who have the experience to truly understand where the client is coming from.

Search by name, region, specialty – but most importantly – search for a practitioner who has the training or background that most supports your own journey.

How To Fully Leverage This Site

What sets the Profound Impact Coaching Directory apart:


A robust search functionality that gives you a clearer picture of the practitioner’s background: areas of study, training, credentialing, experience level, location, and specialty.


Every coach in the directory agrees to the Profound Impact Coaching Pledge.


A holistic approach doesn’t exclude practical skills-building but enhances them.


Integrating personalized spirituality allows for deeper, transformative conversations that inspire change from the inside out.

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Match your situation with your background to find your ideal practitioner.

Struggling with work-life balance? Need guidance in your relationship? Looking for support through a career change? All of that can be found inside the practitioner directory.

Do you have ADHD, anxiety, or experience with 12 step programs? Find a coach with this training through the background search.