How to Stop Overthinking


More Discipline Isn't the Answer...

This starter kit was designed for teens and adults who have tried many time and stress management strategies that ultimately didn’t stick. It is time to stop relying on discipline and willpower to move life forward and look in a new direction for the answer.
Download your free intro guide and receive a bonus webinar on How to Navigate School (and Life) with Less Stress. You’ll begin to learn an entirely new understanding of how to naturally clear your mind and move life forward with far less stress and anxiety.

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“Working with you has completely changed my life. I see myself in a whole different light. I see myself as a successful, productive person. I do not beat myself up like I use to do. I do not use the word procrastination any more. I stopped beating myself up! I literally never thought I could achieve what I have done. I achieved goals I had always had for myself and it feels so very good.” Sally M. Virginia.

Meet Julie

Having worked with hundreds of professionals, groups, and teens since starting her practice in 2007, Julie Lisabeth Gray, PCC is on a mission to transform our overwhelmed, stress-fueled culture.

The New Productivity Paradigm™ is an understanding that enables us to get more done – and enjoy more life – without sacrificing our well-being and peace of mind.

The logic of the mind naturally quiets our thinking – leaving more space and clarity to navigate life from deeper and deeper levels of productivity, creativity, and presence.

A popular blogger, speaker, and author of the digital eGuides True For You Time Management Workbook, and The Backwards Way to Move Forward Today, Julie was also the co-creator of the 21 Day Time Makeover with SELF Magazine and a featured productivity expert in The Washington Post’s Time Hacks section.

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