Reduce Stress and Anxiety, Stop Procrastinating. Boost Confidence, Productivity, and Well-Being.

Online Life Coaching Sessions with Julie Gray Are Designed to Make Life (and Change) Easier.

Together We Explore How To

  • Balance competing priorities without burning out
  • Set boundaries on how much you need to manage, fix, control, figure out
  • Naturally reduce stress, anxiety, and overwhelm – saving time and energy
  • Change habits without more self-discipline or willpower
  • Create strategies that fit who you are and how you best operate


My work with Julie has transformed my life and my internal world at a pace that has been comfortable for me. The work is subtle but it goes deep. I found myself beginning to change without all the efforting and desperate self-help activities that are so in vogue now (and that had never worked for me). Julie’s work has been life changing in the realms of time management, however I personally consider her work “become authentic to yourself’ coaching.



"Working with Julie has completely changed my life. I see myself in a whole different light. I see myself as a successful, productive person. I do not beat myself up like I use to do. I do not use the word procrastination any more. I stopped beating myself up! I literally never thought I could achieve what I have done. I achieved goals I had always had for myself and it feels so very good."

Sally M.


"Working with Julie allowed me to clear away a lot of the mind clutter that has been holding me back. Together we challenged and discarded old beliefs, and created a plan with achievable action steps. Now thanks to the clarity Julie helped me find, I’m back in charge of the growth of my company and while certainly busy, no longer crippled by overwhelm. "

Paula A

Springfield, VA

"Julie Gray has had amazing impact on me as a coach. She uses her skills to truly understand the real issues behind what we seem to think is time management. It’s really self management. Julie has helped me “try on” solutions that fit the way my brain works. There are no cookie cutter approaches—she looks at the core issues and has helped me come up with a plan. I highly recommend her to anyone who is overwhelmed and seeking relief. She is sensitive. brilliant and intuitive.  "

Wendy Hanson

M.Ed, CPPC, Oakland, CA

"My mind is considerably calmer – I am able to identify ‘thought storms’ sooner and have less interest in staying at the center of them. This has opened opportunities for living in the moment, considerably reduced self criticism and opened my mind to new ideas. It is a softer approach to taking action. "

Kitty G.

Northern Virginia

The Life Coaching Program

Coaching together is about creating practical, fundamental, lasting change. This process follows a two-pronged approach grounded in practical logic.

We start with your specific challenge – be it time management, procrastination, stress and anxiety, creating new habits, relationships at school or work, etc.

“You can’t solve problems using the same thinking that created them.”
-Albert Einstein

We then explore:


What strategies, systems, habits do you have in place that are working with you or against you?


What beliefs or thought patterns are running under the surface that may be inadvertently holding you back? Creating awareness creates shifts. It isn’t necessary to “get rid” of these beliefs or thoughts.

This is not therapy. We are not exploring your past or why you feel the way that you do but rather looking beyond your thought patterns to new awareness and perspective. From here new options emerge for how to move forward in a way that truly works for you.


If you are interested in working together but have a few questions first, I’ve found it best to have a brief chat over the phone. This conversation will provide you with value, clarity, and next steps regardless of whether you decide to move forward with coaching at this time. Click here to email me or click here to schedule a call directly.

Getting Started

Generally, I meet with people twice a month over the phone or Zoom. You are welcome to schedule your sessions at a pace that works for you. All new clients receive a bonus online course or book – neither of which is required to get the most out of this process. Coaching hours expire after 6 months.

New Clients

Past Clients