What Your To-Do List Reveals About You

Which scenario sounds most like you?

Scenario One: You made a to-do list awhile ago but it was so overwhelming you couldn’t look at it again. Mostly, you know what needs to get done because it is screaming the loudest in your brain. Pausing to write tasks down on a piece of paper (that you might lose) feels like a massive waste of time.

Mostly likely you are a Time Warrior. Click here to learn more about your Time Personality.

Scenario Two: When you get overwhelmed you dump your brain onto a piece of paper and use that for a couple of weeks. It makes you feel better until you get overwhelmed again – which will be the next time you make a new list. You feel good about what you accomplish but it never seems like “enough”.

You are most likely a Time Magician. Click here to learn more about your Time Personality.

Scenario Three: You are terribly sick of staring at the same tasks that have been on your to-do list forever. No matter how many times you tell yourself that today is the day to get something done – it just never seems to happen. You know what is a priority; it just feels impossible to get yourself to do it.

You are most likely a Time Philosopher. Click here to learn more about your Time Personality.

Scenario Four: Your to-do list has at least 20 items on it – all of which you would love to complete today. A lot gets accomplished each day but you aren’t sure if they really are your highest priorities. It doesn’t ever feel like there is enough time in the day to get everything done and you never, ever feel “caught up”.

You are most likely a Time Commander. Click here to learn more about your Time Personality.

To Do List

The Best To-Do List Strategy For All Time Types

There is one strategy out there that will help every Time Type better manage their to-do list.

It is this: separate your daily priorities from your reminders.

Your to-do list is designed to store your highest priorities for any given day (or week).

Everything else that you have listed is a reminder – not a priority. It is critical to make this distinction in your head and on your list.

When you mix your priorities with your reminders you will fry your brain. It makes it so much harder to focus. To delegate. To stay caught up.

Decide right now – where does it work best for you to store your priorities for the day? Where does it work best to store your reminders?

What you come up with most certainly depend on your Time Type. Leverage your strengths and creativity. Start small and grow from there.

How are you going to separate your reminders from your priorities for the day? Be sure to comment below.


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