Webinar for Students

How to Naturally Navigate School With Less Stress and More Focus (and Fun)

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Here are a few more resources if you are interested in diving deeper into this approach:


Here is a link to my quick eGuide that I referenced in the webinar. that gives you a clearer picture of the coach’s background: areas of study, training, credentialing, experience level, location, and specialty.


Here is a link to the quick personality quiz I also mentioned.


Here is the TED Talk by Kelly McGonigal on stress.

Speaking Engagements

Little Book of Big Change – Dr. Amy Johnson

Instant Motivation – Chantel Burns

Relationship Handbook – Dr. George Pransky

Enlightened Gardner – Sydney Banks

Inside Out Revolution – Michael Neill

Coming Home – Dr. Dicken Bettinger and Natasha Swerdloff

3PCG.org – Tons of free webinars and podcasts 

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