[Interview] Resources for Women With ADHD

Linda Roggli, PCC, is an ADHD coach, author and founder of the ADDiva Network, a community dedicated to supporting women with ADHD. I recently sat down with Linda for a quick and informative interview. Click here for more details about Linda’s upcoming retreats and programs. Julie: What led you to create this wonderful community for women with

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Why You Can’t Get Yourself to Change

Can you feel the love I’m sending your way? I hope so. If not, tune in now. It’s flowing right toward you. This love has no judgment for whether or not you finished your to-do list today. This love doesn't care whether you feel productive, lazy, excited, apathetic, or overwhelmed. This love doesn’t depend on how much you do. Only that you

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How To Stop Life From Hijacking Your Goals

We’ve all been there. That moment when you commit to the new goal or habit that is going to improve your life. You are excited and motivated to create a long-lasting change. It might be writing a book or reaching out to 5 prospects a week. It might be a new weight loss goal or starting a meditation practice. You are ready. It feels good to commit.

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