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7 Ways to Quickly Recharge Your Spirit

I went to the doctor last month and complained about a recent surge of middle-of-the-night insomnia. Her prescription? Meditation. This shouldn’t have been a surprise to me. It's been a couple of years since I meditated with any consistency. I dropped the practice when I moved to a new home and realized that I was no longer meditating during my morning

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How to Find 10 Hours Each Week

Recently my friend and colleague Demi Karpouzos, strategic money and business coach invited me to share some of my best time management strategies with her community. So I dusted off and updated one of my favorite talks: How to Find 10 Hours (or More) Each Week - Without More Work We had a great time! Demi has generously shared the audio with me

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How to Upgrade Your Energy

As a productivity coach with a very holistic approach, my goal is to not only improve your time management system but to upgrade your energy system as well. This is a huge source of productivity that is often overlooked. I define energy management as: Maintaining awareness over your energy "tank"Recognizing and eliminating sources that drain your

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