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Why You Can’t Go Wrong in 2016

Here’s the truth: You can’t actually get 2016 wrong. We love to think there is one “right” path for us to take. We love this so much we spend much of our time and energy trying to find this path or hold on to this path or kick ourselves for falling off this path. Which is really funny when you think about it because you made up this path in the

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How To Stop Life From Hijacking Your Goals

We’ve all been there. That moment when you commit to the new goal or habit that is going to improve your life. You are excited and motivated to create a long-lasting change. It might be writing a book or reaching out to 5 prospects a week. It might be a new weight loss goal or starting a meditation practice. You are ready. It feels good to commit.

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A Ritual To Get Ready For The New Year

I once read a dating book by John Gray who explained that one of the tricks to starting a good relationship was to always end your relationships in the best way possible. This has always stuck with me: If you embrace the change, are grateful for your experience, and can let go of what no longer serves you, the energy is cleared to allow for a fresh, new

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