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5 Myths About Hiring a Life Coach

If you are considering hiring a life coach, it is important to have clear expectations of what life coaching is – and is not – so that you can find the best coach for you. It took me about 10 years of coaching, hundreds of hours of training, and thousands of client hours to embrace the term “life coach”. I had some issues with this title. There are

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3 Keys For Effective Time Management

https://youtu.be/EdbfeazciIo In today's video [4:40] I share 3 Keys to Effective Time Management. My approach is holistic and highly customized. Think of this not as it's own system or strategy but a way to discover your own best systems and strategies. Click on the video to discover: The S.P.A. Framework (Self-care, Priorities, and Anchors) that

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Why You Can’t Get Yourself to Change

Can you feel the love I’m sending your way? I hope so. If not, tune in now. It’s flowing right toward you. This love has no judgment for whether or not you finished your to-do list today. This love doesn't care whether you feel productive, lazy, excited, apathetic, or overwhelmed. This love doesn’t depend on how much you do. Only that you

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