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Creating Change Without Burning Out

It’s cliché to be sure, but I just can’t resist writing about creating change at the beginning of a new year. There is so much possibility and potential. There is a buzz, an energy that can usher in a wave of focus and motivation. It can be exciting to kick start new goals and make this “your best year yet”. While this energy can absolutely

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The Perfect Way to End Perfectionism

Sometimes when I need to start a project - a blog post, cleaning my house, a marketing campaign - whatever it might be - my brain starts mapping all of the possible ways it can do. While never this organized, it can feel a bit like this: Also, check

Productivity Increase: A Strategy-Free Approach It’s like I can see the endless decisions

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Mistake #4: You Think You Can Do It All

OK. I'll admit it. There really, truly isn't enough time to do it all. There I said it. But here's my question to you: Why would you want there to be? The way this game of life is set up, you have been given the opportunity each moment to choose how you wish to live. Imagine if that wasn't the case? If we all lived in perpetuity? There

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How To Stop Life From Hijacking Your Goals

We’ve all been there. That moment when you commit to the new goal or habit that is going to improve your life. You are excited and motivated to create a long-lasting change. It might be writing a book or reaching out to 5 prospects a week. It might be a new weight loss goal or starting a meditation practice. You are ready. It feels good to commit.

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