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3 Ways to Stop Overthinking Naturally

https://youtu.be/PIV8WscbE7c In this week's video I tackle a really common challenge - not just for my clients but for most of us navigating this thing called Life: The Tendency to Overthink. Humans have the capacity to think. It is pretty extraordinary when you step back to consider this power. Even beyond what we think about - the fact that we think

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Mistake #5: Working Harder Looks Smarter

Do you ever sit back and realize just how much you get done in a day? You are moving from morning until night and yet for some reason there is an undercurrent of anxiety that you can't seem to shake. It never feels like you are doing enough. And so you pile on more. You say yes to more. You push yourself to work faster and harder. You attempt to

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3 Steps To a Smooth September

In the last week, I've had three clients express anxiety over what September is about to bring: More time at work

More time running the kids aroundMore time volunteering/social clubs/etc. Which means: Less time

keeping the house in orderLess time to take care of yourself and othersLess time actually getting things done But

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Unconventional Time Strategies That Work

As many of you know, I don’t believe in let-me-tell-you-what-to-do-time-management. Why? It doesn’t work. What does work is the perfect-for-you time system just waiting to be fully discovered and put into practice - that's buried inside of you. It's been covered up by the endless stream of conventional time management advice that everyone is

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Interview: Simple Self-Care Secrets

If you have read this blog for any length of time you know that I deeply believe in the power of self-care. Not only can it transform your productivity it can shift you away from the striving energy of “doing” to the receiving energy of “being”. This is what Kathleen Ellis and I spent much of our time discussing during this month’s Productivity

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