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How to Make a Decision

A very common frustration among my clients is how to make a decision. They can spin for days or weeks or months trying to figure out the best course of action. The question beneath this frustration is, "How do I make the right decision?" There is an extra layer of anxiety "on" this decision - what if you screw up and pick the wrong thing? Here's a

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How to Tell If You’re Doing Enough

I had a great question from a participant at a recent Meetup Group: How do you know if you're doing enough? This man had a lot of evidence that he wasn't doing enough to get things done. To move himself and his projects forward. But the more we discussed it the more I realized something: This question showing up in his mind was his biggest piece of

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3 Ways to Stop Overthinking Naturally

https://youtu.be/PIV8WscbE7c In this week's video I tackle a really common challenge - not just for my clients but for most of us navigating this thing called Life: The Tendency to Overthink. Humans have the capacity to think. It is pretty extraordinary when you step back to consider this power. Even beyond what we think about - the fact that we think

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Strategy-Free Productivity

For a long time, I focused my coaching practice around helping people with time management and organization. From the beginning, I was less interested in giving people strategies and much more interested in helping them see how they find their own innate strategies. Teaching people to fish versus giving them fish made a lot more sense to me. What I

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Stop Waiting For Clarity to Get Started

It sounds reasonable that you would need to have clarity about how to start a project before actually starting it. But I haven't found this to be true. In fact I think the opposite is much more true. Back in 2007, I started out as a professional organizer. This was the focus of my business before I dove headlong into productivity and procrastination

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