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How to Get Unstuck From the Inside-Out

How to get unstuck is a common theme among those I am fortunate enough to work with. People can show up feeling stuck in all sorts of ways – from procrastination, self-sabotage, and anxious or depressive tendencies to being consistently stressed, busy, and overwhelmed.

Fortunately, regardless of where you are stuck, how deeply you feel stuck, or

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The Anxiety-Free Way to Delay Decisions

Do any of the following scenarios feel familiar? Scenario #1: Paper You’ve just got the mail and are staring at the latest donation request. You start to feel decision-paralysis creeping in. Should you keep it? Send them money now? Toss it and feel guilty? Suddenly, your attention is caught by a bill that needs to be paid. You know right where

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I’m Scared to Share This With You

In the last week alone I’ve done the following: Consistently eaten far more sugar than what feels good to my bodyProcrastinated and rationalized my way out of yoga class three timesFound it mind-numbingly exhausting to empty my dishwasherStayed up past midnight a handful of timesWatched an obscene amount of reality TV What’s my point in sharing all of

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