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peace and productivity

Stop Pursuing Peace and Productivity

Relentlessly pursuing peace and productivity are two sides of the same coin – neither of which can get you where you want to go. Our culture perpetuates the idea that busy = best. That if you have space in your days then you aren't doing enough with your time. Busy means that you are valued, contributing, and making progress. This busyness brings

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Stop Waiting For Clarity to Get Started

It sounds reasonable that you would need to have clarity about how to start a project before actually starting it. But I haven't found this to be true. In fact I think the opposite is much more true. Back in 2007, I started out as a professional organizer. This was the focus of my business before I dove headlong into productivity and procrastination

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3 Keys For Effective Time Management

https://youtu.be/EdbfeazciIo In today's video [4:40] I share 3 Keys to Effective Time Management. My approach is holistic and highly customized. Think of this not as it's own system or strategy but a way to discover your own best systems and strategies. Click on the video to discover: The S.P.A. Framework (Self-care, Priorities, and Anchors) that

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Mistake #5: Working Harder Looks Smarter

Do you ever sit back and realize just how much you get done in a day? You are moving from morning until night and yet for some reason there is an undercurrent of anxiety that you can't seem to shake. It never feels like you are doing enough. And so you pile on more. You say yes to more. You push yourself to work faster and harder. You attempt to

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