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How to Grow Your Support Team Today

In my line of work I often run into amazing parents, spouses, business owners, graduate students, and in-demand professionals – many of whom fall under each one of these categories at the same time. If you have even half of this level of activity it can be easy to fall into a frantic pace of life and the inevitable burnout that follows. But there is

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How to Upgrade Your Energy

As a productivity coach with a very holistic approach, my goal is to not only improve your time management system but to upgrade your energy system as well. This is a huge source of productivity that is often overlooked. I define energy management as: Maintaining awareness over your energy "tank"Recognizing and eliminating sources that drain your

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Tools to Track Your Tasks

A major cause of overwhelm is when you don't have a tool to track your tasks - other than your brain. Pause for a moment and consider just how many tasks, ideas, projects, and plans you’ve currently got floating through your brain like balloons. They keep flitting around bumping into other thoughts, never staying put on your mental to-do list. It

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