Client Testimonials

"Working with Julie allowed me to clear away a lot of the mind clutter that has been holding me back. Together we dug through it, challenged and discarded old beliefs, and created a plan with achievable action steps. Now thanks to the clarity Julie helped me find, I’m back in charge of the growth of my company and while certainly busy, no longer crippled by overwhelm."
Paula A.
"Julie Gray has had amazing impact on me as a Time Management Coach. She uses her skills to truly understand the real issues behind what we seem to think is time management. It’s really self management. Julie has helped me “try on” solutions that fit the way my brain works. There are no cookie cutter approaches—she looks at the core issues and has helped me come up with a plan. I highly recommend her to any entrepreneur who is overwhelmed and is seeking relief. She is sensitive. brilliant and intuitive. "
Wendy Hanson
M.Ed, CPPC, Oakland, CA
"I am one of those people who are constantly searching for “The RIGHT System”. What is amazing about Julie’s work is she shows up and meets you where you are currently. That ‘place’ is the starting point and through the coaching and teaching sessions she facilitates your movement to the next ‘place’. The next place/space/goal is what makes sense for you it is not in accordance with a previously defined system and that is valuable to me. Julie helps you move past your own preconceived self doubts and fears to free you up to believing you are worth the effort and ‘CAN’ make the changes you are pursuing.This has been my experience and I proudly recommend Julie to any of my friends. "
M. Tech Consultant, Raleigh, NC
"Before working with Julie and Profound Impact, I was exhausted and truly burned out. The systems that Julie helped me develop and the holistic perspective of work/life balance that she brought with her truly helped me begin to have the energy to enjoy my work again and have the space to lead this organization. It also helped me create the kind of personal life that continues to energize me. "
Elisabeth Olds
Non-Profit Executive Director, Washington DC
"I felt I was a motivated and organized person, but after retiring from a full-time career and moving to a part-time consulting business, I found I was busier than ever with working, volunteering, and spending time with family and friends. To make each moment count, I desperately needed a tune-up so as not to feel overwhelmed each day and to be able to really enjoy this terrific period of my life. Working with Julie has helped me focus on my most significant priorities and to develop a schedule and system that really works for me. Her advice helped me to work to my strengths. Julie has shown an incredible ability to understand my situation and gauge just what is needed to help me in living a full and fun life."
Dagne Fulcher
IT Consultant
"Since I started working with Julie I’ve seen a rapid transition to a schedule and more importantly a lifestyle that is best suited to my unique needs and is respectful of my natural rhythms. I feel like stepping up to work with Julie has actually been like falling down the rabbit hole. I’ve arrived in an enchanted land where there is wonder, little rush, and constant self-awareness. And I’ll never go back. If you’re hesitant about the idea of working with a holistic time coach, I would offer you this advice – Julie fosters transformation. She just happens to do it through the lens of a clock. Go for it! You’re worth it."
Steph Lagana
Inner Alchemist,
"Julie’s coaching has given me the chance to step back and ensure that I’m investing my time in my highest personal and professional priorities. The structure she brought to our work together means I have a framework for ensuring I am using my time (and opposed to allowing it to use me!) to live intentionally."
Carol Vernon
Alexandria, VA, Executive Coaching & Training
"I think that like every great coach, Julie is particularly gifted at helping people to make changes toward who they really are rather than what they think they should be. I’ve made some significant changes with a real impact on what I can done and how I do it in a way that feels right for me."
Susan Kohm
"Julie listens to her clients, identifies and distills issues and assists her clients in developing rational and meaningful ways to achieve an organized and positive way of living"
Kitty G.
Lawyer, Fairfax, VA
"Julie has a great approach (empathetic, non-judgmental, informed, creative with solutions, etc.) I really got a lot out of this [Time Transformation] class. Julie is really creative and adept at addressing each participant’s unique challenges. She was able to understand my habits and work with me to set up some new routines. I never felt judged. She has a great approach and understands one size doesn’t fit all. I would take the class again for sure!"
Sarah E.
Journalist, Washington, DC
"Julie did an amazing job to make me time-aware. I now feel like I have more time and choices on how I spend my time. I adopted some really healthy habits and look forward to integrating them for many years to come. I finally understand what I need to do to live a healthy and balanced life in regards to my schedule. Thank you Julie for giving me the tools to be successful."
Kathleen K.
To The Point Communications, Portland, OR
"Julie has such a way of presenting information that is easy to understand, easy to implement and easy to keep taking action on. Before working with Julie, I was spending way too much time in my office being busy. Julie taught me how to be effective rather than busy. She also taught me the ‘wrap up’ method which I began to use immediately. It’s made a big difference in both my work and my personal life. I am more productive, more efficient and leave my office earlier every day, which in turn makes me happier!"
Kim Ravida
Health Coach, Boston, MA
"The way Julie organized the [Time Transformation] course was very effective. She combined the spiritual with the practical, and through weekly sessions, she helped us rethink the meaning of time and make it ours again. "
Carol P.
University Professor, Boston, MA
"Julie is an outstanding teacher and coach. She creates an easy going, safe, comfortable environment where we can share our challenges while guiding and encouraging us to “experiment” with proven methods of organizing, productivity and managing our time so that we can be find what works best for us – to help live our best life! Taking this class gave me the relief I am not alone in this challenge and created a spirit of camaraderie and circle of fellow students to share, learn and grow with! Highly recommend you join in this terrific class! 🙂 "
Connie B.
Meeting Planner, Falls Church, VA
"In a short space of time, Julie listened to my top organizational challenges, and helped me devise a solution that was fine tuned to my specific issues. It has saved me time and money. More importantly, it has helped me become more effective and less frustrated, because now more of my energy can go to actually getting things done."
Zahara H.
Washington, DC,
"Having experienced many transitions in work, family and relationships over the last few years, I was feeling excited about the future, but also very tired and drained. Even though I was already beginning to identify what I wanted my future to look like, I found I was not taking the actions needed to move forward. I felt stuck. Working with Julie provides me with the structure I need to focus more clearly and effectively on how I want my life to work, and to find the courage to work with (rather than ignore) the obstacles that keep me from making positive, and authentic choices. Julie gently leads me toward noticing what holds me back, and then practically and with empathy helps me take steps toward changing my thought patterns, my emotional reactions, and my behaviours. Personally I have loved the visualisations that we have practiced. They have helped create a real shift in my perspective. I have stopped going round in frustrated circles, and now practice time boundaries regularly. At times I resort to old behaviours, but now notice when that happens: As Julie says, it is not about creating perfect systems, but about how quickly and effectively we are able to get back on track when that happens."
Jennifer B.
Social Worker, Toronto, Canada
"I LOVE LOOKING AT MY EMPTY INBOX!! I am so thrilled about developing an ongoing system AND a guilt-free way to get things off of my to-do list without putting things off forever! I feel very lucky to have found you because you have so many inner resources to help with whatever comes up in a session."
Jennifer J.
Consultant, Centreville, VA.
"Julie Gray is a skilled organizational coach with a warm, professional manner. As a result of our work together, I am seeing real change in how my life flows – I am encouraged! I like my schedule and I love using my notebook and sticky notes. Getting things out of my head and into a system I trust has helped reduce my anxiety a great deal so I feel more in control. I am procrastinating less on projects and I able to focus better during the day. I recommend this process to anyone who wants to reduce their stress and create time for what’s really important."
Nancy H.
Social Worker, Washington, DC
"My daily life before working with Julie was sort of a free-for-all, juggling work, family time and the non-existent “me time” that I desperately needed. It was starting to feel overwhelming. Julie helped me to develop a centralized system that helps me to keep track of my clients, projects and tasks and connects them to my calendar which gives me true control over my time! She focused on finding out what works best for ME. She provided the direction I needed and understood the real challenges I was experiencing in trying to find a work/life balance. Since I’ve worked with Julie, I’ve gained control over my time, my business and my life!"
Lisa Carroll
Virtual Assistant, West Palm Beach, FL
"My only regret is that I didn’t call Julie sooner. Working with her is one of the best investments I ever made!"
Kara T.
Public Relations, Alexandria, VA
"Julie has saved me hours in my work week. I had some solid time habits, but I knew I was missing something because I was skipping workouts and sleep more than I care to admit (as a health coach), and because I was feeling frustrated through much of my workday. Julie digs deep! She found sneaky time and energy leaks in my planning strategies and helped me personalize a kick-ass weekly rhythm that I really look forward to live each week. I live life more on my terms – working when I want to, playing when I want to, doing what I want to… all while getting bigger and better results in my biz. Self-employed people who actually want to have a life would be crazy not to hire Julie."
Lucas Seipp-Williams
Health Coach, Baltimore, MD
"I found so many things about the Inbox Zero Course helpful; I hardly know where to start. I liked that the course was fun and that it had so many practical suggestions. As with so many things you do Julie, the info provided applies beyond e-mail. I especially liked the part on anticipating what will throw you off, i.e. creating triggers and making a plan to get back on track – pick a turn around day and commit time – that is good advice for life. I thought the course was very beneficial in so many ways, and am really glad I took it."
Sally M.
Retired Air Force, Alexandria, VA
"I’ve known and worked with Julie for several years. She is highly articulate and has the unique ability to help peel back what’s important in productivity and organization. She’s also a great communicator and empathetic to the real challenges leaders face in balancing business, family and life. If you can get on her increasingly busy schedule, I highly recommend hiring her or benefiting from the resources she’s created."
Bill Roth
CEO, Pervasive Marketing, Boulder, CO
"Julie has been coaching me for several months and I have nothing put praise for her and her coaching style. Each week I learn something about myself that I may have never learned if not for Julie. She’s a genuine, sincere, talented coach who provides just the right amount of encouragement and accountability to keep me moving forward towards attaining my goals."
Lorraine F.
Professional Organizer, Salem, NH
"I would definitely recommend Julie — she does more than help you get control over your time–she’ll help you rethink the way you approach your work and how you can take your business to the next level."
Brian Emerson
Consultant, Arlington, VA
"Once I started really thinking about and fully embracing your suggestions the results are mind-blowing! I’ve got so many more writing projects and now for the first time ever, I am finally doing the work I enjoy. It truly seems like once I finally stopped being afraid to close a door that is no longer serving me, the universe breathes a sigh of relief and opens the floodgates of even better stuff. I will never be able to thank you enough for all that you’ve helped me with!"
Michelle Krasniak
Technical Editor, Brooklyn, NY
"Julie is patient, a good coach, a great organizer, and really works to understand your objectives up front and throughout your time working together. I simply cannot recommend her enough. She is a line item in my budget – that’s how much I value her."
Jim Zaniello
CEO, Vetted Solutions, Washington, DC
"Before hiring Julie, I was behind on invoicing, had trouble pulling any vital information and yellow sticky notes were everywhere. She helped me streamline and organize. Since then, managing my company has become much easier and more efficient. I would recommend using Julie to anyone looking to better run their business and life overall."
Brian Wright
Personal Trainer, Washington, DC
"Working with Julie has both increased my productivity and improved my general mood. Using the tools we developed during our sessions, I am much more present in my work. When I don’t use the techniques we developed, which were customized to my needs, I definitely notice it. As a researcher, my days are very flexible, so having scheduling techniques to impose some discipline has been invaluable. Finally, she’s helped to me realize that days off are good, not bad! Now I take a day off once a week and don’t feel guilty. Thanks Julie!"
Jeff Oxman
Anoka, MN
"I am a small business owner, practitioner, and single mom. I was running out of hours in the day to accomplish what I needed to. Then when I actually had some time, I couldn’t figure out what to spend that time doing…so nothing would get accomplished. Julie helped me to realize that my problem was not lack of physical organization, but that I needed a system to organize my tasks and projects. She helped me to create systems and to prioritize. For anyone who feels overwhelmed but wants to do more call Profound Impact and be ready to see the “profound impact” it will have on your life!"
Jennifer Ferdinand
Massage Therapist, Centreville, VA
"Julie met and then exceeded my expectations and hopes, to say the least. She immediately honed in on the unique ways I kept track of some of my vital items and instead of laughing, she embraced them as my own systems that I already had instituted. Julie further developed and broadened the reach of my original systems and helped me apply organizing techniques that would work for me as we revolutionized my work space. Now I work from home, and push along my entrepreneurial ventures – all from the organized, energized headquarters of mine that wouldn’t have been possible without Julie."
Dan S.
Lawyer, Washington, DC
"Julie Gray is an excellent coach and facilitator. She is right on target with her suggestions and I like the fact that she is mind/body focused in her approach. She has made a huge difference in my time management skills."
S. Consultant, Washington, DC
"Julie Gray is an excellent coach and facilitator. She is right on target with her suggestions and I like the fact that she is mind/body focused in her approach. She has made a huge difference in my time management skills."
S. Consultant, Washington, DC

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