Over the last 10 years I’ve worked with hundreds of people to help them find their way to better management of their time, email, communications, energy, goals, etc.

All of them – every single one – improved when they did one thing: created systems that actually worked for them. They weren’t adopting my systems. They were getting clear about – and embracing – their own. This is my fundamental aim with all of these programs.

Below are 3 different package options – by far the best deal is the Freedom From Overwhelm program which includes everything on this page. Be in touch with any questions.

True for You Time Management Workbook + Audio ($19)

As part of the workbook bundle you will receive:


A beautiful, highly visual, time workbook to walk you through creating a time system that truly works for you


A downloadable audio version of the entire workbook


Bonus: Procrastination to Peace of Mind Audio Program including 3 mindfulness based visualization exercises and a 10 page bonus workbook

30 Days to Inbox Zero-ish Audio Program ($29)

This program offers a specific framework for digging yourself out of email backlog and getting into maintenance mode over 1 month. Included are: 4 audio recordings and the 15 page The Definitive Guide to Managing Your Email Inbox. This program will help you:


Develop your own unique e-mail management system that can handle your workload and life


Get the support you need to finally clear out your backlog and develop system to maintain it


Eliminate e-mail anxiety and overwhelm by implementing a few simple strategies


The 4 audio recordings include:

    • Week 1: Eliminate Excess E-mails and Backlog
    • Week 2: Streamline Filing and Processing
    • Week 3: Set up your schedule
    • Week 4: Maintain over the long haul

Freedom From Overwhelm Ultimate Bundle ($49)

This is the ultimate holistic productivity package.


In addition to everything already listed on this page – The Time Workbook, Procrastination Audio, and Inbox Zero-ish programs – you also get a series of 8 specific lessons – each with their own brief audio, trackers, and handouts to walk you step-by-step through the process of revamping your time and productivity systems in a way that actually works with your life.

The lessons include:

Lesson 1: Task Management System

Lesson 2: Controlling Paper

Lesson 3: Energy Management

Lesson 4: Owning Your Schedule

Lesson 5: Delegation and Project Management

Lesson 6: Organizing Your Finances

Lesson 7: Setting Goals and Priorities

Lesson 8: Moving Into Maintenance



"I found so many things about the Inbox Zero Course helpful. I liked that the course was fun and that it had so many practical suggestions. As with so many things Julie does, the info provided applies beyond e-mail. I especially liked the part on anticipating what will throw you off, i.e. creating triggers and making a plan to get back on track – pick a turn around day and commit time – that is good advice for life. I thought the course was very beneficial in so many ways, and am really glad I took it."

Sally M.

Retired Air Force, Alexandria, VA.

"Julie has a great approach (empathetic, non-judgmental, informed,
creative with solutions, etc.) I really got a lot out of this class. I never felt judged. She has a great approach and understands one size doesn’t fit all."

Sarah E.

Journalist, Washington, DC