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Please note: Many of these teleclasses include references to past programs that are not being offered currently.  

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Audio Library

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[Interview] Simple Self-Care Secrets [40 mins]

  • Ideas on how to take care of yourself and how to integrate them into your life
  • Learn how to give yourself permission to take care of yourself
  • Discover a creative and fun approach to planning major projects

How To Develop Your Own E-mail Management System That Lasts [53 Mins]

  • Understand the 7 steps to owning your inbox and eliminating e-mail anxiety
  • Learn how to turn generic information into a customized solution for you

[Interview] How To Manage Your Time When You Work From Home [44 Mins]

  • Hear how one couple protects their time even when working in the same office
  • Learn how a blogger, author, wife and mother balances her day
  • Get Erin Doland’s ( advice on how to make this a reality for you

[Interview] How A Professional Organizer Runs Her Day [33 Mins]

  • How Janet maintains her own version of work life balance
  • A cool organizing trick to plan your week
  • How she breaks up her day and her work to get the most accomplished

Find 10 Hours In Your Week – Without More Work Or Stress [60 Mins]

  • Clear steps for how to create more time and energy every day
  • A critical mindset shift necessary to fully own your time
  • Specific rituals necessary for you to keep your systems in place

Massively Boost the Effectiveness of Your Meetings [50 Mins]

  • Clear steps for how to create more time and energy every day
  • A critical mindset shift necessary to fully own your time
  • Specific rituals necessary for you to keep your systems in place

Jacqueline Cornaby Interview: Magnify Your Potential and Get to Good! [50 Mins]

  • Bring a level of mindfulness to your day that creates possibilities
  • Achieve clarity on where you are now and where you want to go
  • Understand how to access your potential anytime and anywhere

End Procrastination and Create Your 30 Day Action Plan [45 Mins]

  • Some common (and not so common) reasons why we procrastinate
  • A great resource for discovering your own ‘procrastination style’
  • How to develop organizing strategies that work for you
  • How to create your own 30-day productivity action plan to beat procrastination

Your Organizing Questions Answered! [45 Mins]

  • How to deal with interruptions to be more productive
  • How to get out of the cycle of backlogged paper overload
  • How to find the energy to maintain your organizing systems

How to Amp Your Energy and Productivity Interview with Energy Expert Laurie Erdman [60 Min]

  • Understanding the surprising symptoms of burnout that no one talks about
  • Discovering the 3 specific elements to Laurie’s “Get More Energy Formula”
  • Learning scientifically-backed strategies for improving your productivity by amping your energy

How to Get to Inbox in 30 Days or Less (and keep it that way) [60 Min]

  • Your game plan for getting to inbox zero in 30 days or less
  • THE most important strategy for conquering email overwhelm
  • Understanding a critical mindset shift required to master email
  • Developing a process for getting out of backlog and into maintenance

3 Strategies for Ending Paper Overwhelm [55 Min]

  • The reason that 90% of “paper systems” fail and what you can do about it
  • Understanding the 3 phases of aligning YOUR paper system with your life
  • Discover a simple technique of processing mail as it comes in
  • Knowing what rituals you need in place to maintain your system

Simple Organizing Strategies to Boost Your Creativity and Flow [55 Min]

  • The 4 biggest creativity and flow squashers and how to overcome each of them
  • How to avoid the most common mistake when implementing more structure
  • Understanding more clearly what you need to operate from flow and creativity

How to Get Back on Track with Ease [55 minutes]

  • What “Off Track” warning signs to look for and how to respond
  • The 5 step process of creating your OWN “Back on Track” System
  • The two critical types of “derailers” that can throw you off track and how to prepare for them

How to Stop Putting Out Fires and Start Getting Things Done [55 minutes]

  • The three most common ways fires start and specific strategies for how to prevent them
  • How to leverage your fire-free time to get WAY more done
  • A critical mindset shift necessary to break free from the cycle of chaos
  • How to prevent fires in your day even when you work in a crisis-prone environment (or people!)

How to Start a Daily Habit That Lasts [55 minutes]

  • Why the latest brain research proves ‘willpower’ isn’t going to cut it
  • A simple process for tapping into your ultimate motivations
  • Tools, tips, and tricks for maintaining momentum
  • A fascinating process to align your thinking and behaviors
  • The game-changing critical component to creating change that lasts

5 Daily Practices of Organized Business Owners [30 minutes]

  • The single most important ritual for minimizing overwhelm and maximizing productivity
  • A simple trick that will save you an hour a day
  • How to find the time to get those long-term projects off of your list
  • An easy solution to ‘paper creep’ on your desk and office floor
  • An instant way to boost your energy and feel more organized on the spot

My Favorite Year End Rituals for Creating a Powerful New Year [55 minutes]

  • How to align your energy with what is ending and all that is beginning
  • A quick and easy strategy for making more space in your home and in your brain that will leave you with more clarity and creativity
  • A simple process for making next year your Best Year Yet

Bonus Audios & Interviews

5 Magic Questions To Save You Time and Keep You Organized [20 mins] [Transcript]

Download your Magic Questions Checklist here

Time Saving Secrets of the Sexy, Fit and Fabulous [60 minutes]

Listen to health coach Richele Henry (aka ‘The Sugar Mama‘) and Julie dig into what it really takes to find the time to lead the healthy lifestyle you crave.

How to Get More Organized Without Organizing Anything [60 minutes]

Julie was interviewed about one of her most popular blog posts. Listen in as she gives the overview of her holistic approach to organization.