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Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Professional Life Coaching with Julie Gray, PCC

Offering online sessions for individuals, groups, teens, and executives.

  • * Stop Procrastinating
  • * Increase Productivity
  • * Focus on Your Priorities
  • * Discover What Works For You

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More Discipline Isn't the Answer


This starter kit was designed for teens and adults who have tried many time and stress management strategies that ultimately didn't last. It is time to stop relying on discipline and willpower to move life forward and look in a new direction for the answer.

Download your intro guide and webinar today and you'll begin to learn an entirely new understanding of how to naturally clear your mind and move life forward with far less stress and anxiety.

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If you are ready to...
- Stop fighting yourself to get things done
- Quiet your mind, expand your clarity and focus
- Naturally align your actions with your goals
- Navigate school (and life) with less stress

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Discover a far simpler approach to greater productivity, creativity, and well-being.

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Teen Coaching

Skills for life. Learn how to naturally manage stress, anxiety, and time without relying on discipline.

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Looking for a speaker for your organization or podcast? Download my speaker sheets here.

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