13 Personal Growth Blogs That Can Change Your Life

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13 Personal Growth Blogs That Can Change Your Life

I’ve been following personal growth blogs for years but it is only recently that I feel I’ve “officially” joined their ranks and fully embraced what this amazing community has to offer.

The personal growth blogs below have been a huge source of inspiration to me as I have worked to grow my own online community – and grow myself personally.

I hope you enjoy them.

Tiny Buddha – You can’t browse this site without out saying, “Oh! I’ve always wondered how to deal with that [insert hard to articulate emotional situation]”. Great insights and reminders found in this gem of a blog.

Brain Pickings – Maria Popova is renowned both online and offline for the fascinating, multidisciplinary, far-reaching, deeply educational site she has created at Brain Pickings. You cannot walk out as the same person that walked in. Each post will change you.

NerdFitness – If you are looking for practical, no-nonsense, well-researched advice on how to get and stay in shape, look no further. Steve Kamb is a master at motivation and over-delivery. The forums and group programs are amazing too.

Barking Up The Wrong Tree – If I was forced to pick, Eric Barker’s blog *might* just come out on top. Think of it as micro-cliff notes sent each day, highlighting the most fascinating research and self-development books out there. So helpful in fact that it is listed on the blogrolls of The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

Time Management Ninja – When I stumbled upon Craig Jarrow’s massive productivity site I couldn’t believe my eyes. He has created a wonderful resource full of short, actionable posts that are very practical and very motivating.

Life Hacker – Borderline overwhelming, Life Hacker puts out many, many, many posts per day on all things practical and helpful. You can spend hours learning how to be more productive, or how to complete any random do-it-yourself project. Very addictive and very helpful.

Unclutterer – Erin Doland and her team of writers give you fun, practical organizing and productivity tips on a daily basis. Definitely check this site out if you haven’t already. A bonus organizing site is The Organizing Boutique.

James Clear – I found this blog through the excellent Buffer blog which he writes for often. As a weightlifter, photography, writer, and travel junkie, James has a very clear and unique voice that lends itself to highly actionable and informative posts on everything from habit formation to world travel.

Mommy Mystic – This is a spiritual blog for women who are interested in working with their energy (chakras in particular) to stay in balance and aligned. Lisa is a true master in energy work and I cannot recommend her perspective highly enough.

The Happiness Project – I’ll admit it. I tend to avoid blogs that are happiness-centric. It has never felt like the best goal for me. But Gretchen’s posts are hard not to click on and I am definitely coming around on this one. Great insight and information.

I Will Teach You To Be Rich – I am blown away by Ramit Sethi. He gives you over the top information to help you get clear on your what you need to be focused on to grow your wealth and get out of debt.

Just One Thing – Rick Hanson, PhD is a neuropsychologist with over 100,000 readers on this neat little blog. Each week he delivers a reminder of one small thing you can focus on over the next week. Delightful and informative it is a great blend of science and spirituality.

Living Well Spending Less – This blog is jam-packed with resources that will help you “find the good life on a budget”. Recipes, organizing tricks, DIY projects, and money-saving strategies are just a few of the categories that Ruth Soukup addresses every day. 

Do you have a favorite personal growth blog or are a blogger yourself? Connect with me and let me know what I am missing out on!

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