3 Ways To Stop Overthinking Naturally

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In this week’s video I tackle a really common challenge – not just for my clients but for most of us navigating this thing called Life: The Tendency to Overthink.

Humans have the capacity to think. It is pretty extraordinary when you step back to consider this power. Even beyond what we think about – the fact that we think – is incredible. We experience life through our thinking 100% of the time.

It isn’t that our thinking creates reality but rather our thinking is how we experience reality – always. My mind didn’t create the desk I am sitting at – but how I experience that desk can only come through my thinking in this moment. We can’t experience reality without our thinking being involved. Our thinking determines our experience – not the other way around.

Given this fact it makes sense that we would rely heavily on our thinking to navigate life. And frankly – we haven’t really been taught another option.

If things aren’t the way we want them – thoughts, feelings, behaviors, circumstances, etc. – the only thing we know to do is to think more about them. To try to figure things out. To try to feel better by doing more or doing less.

This constant churning in our minds can get pretty exhausting. In fact it might be the most exhausting thing we do to ourselves.

Which is why in this video I walk you through a bit more of the logic behind how our thinking works and what we can naturally do to quiet our minds and find more clarity.

The eGuide which gives an even deeper explanation that I mention in this video can be found here as well as a quick link to subscribe to my Youtube Channel.

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