5 Ways To Instantly Save More Time And Energy

Time Management

5 Ways to Instantly Save More Time and Energy

I’d like to challenge you to a fun little experiment that will net you more time and energy instantly.

After reading through the following unconventional time-saving tips, consider what resonates with you. Then go back to living your life.

After 3 days I want you to pause and look back and just notice what you notice. Email me any insights or occurrences that happened while you were in experiment mode.

As a thank you for sharing your experiences – I will send you a special little time-saving tool.

Let’s get started.

5 Ways to Instantly Save More Time and Energy

  1. Drop Unproductive Thinking – We have “let-me-figure-it-out” or process thinking which can be handy at times and we have “let-me-see-what-shows-up-in-the-moment” or flow thinking which fills in the gaps when we’ve forgotten to control our thoughts. As a culture we vastly overuse process thinking and painfully under-use flow thinking. What would happen if you let your thoughts shift on their own as they are naturally designed to do?
  2. Opt Out of Self-Comparisons – It is so common for us to look at others and use their experience as a gauge for ourselves. But we forget that everything we “see” is our own interpretation. We can never know the truth of any situation. We only ever see our thinking about them in the moment. What would happen if you saw through the illusion of your own interpretation of someone elses situation?
  3. Take Your Thinking (and Feelings) Less Seriously – We are only ever living in the feeling of our thinking. We believe that our feelings come from our external circumstances but that is not quite true. In actuality our feelings come from our thinking. And this is brilliant news because our thinking (and subsequently our feelings) are always shifting – like the weather. So rather than dive into “fix it” mode and get all concerned about ourselves we can wait for the shift to occur. What would happen if you took your thinking and feelings less seriously?
  4. Stop Stressing About Not Meditating – Ever notice how much people stress and worry about not meditating? Oh the irony. Often the quicker path to more peace is to just stop worrying about whether or not you are meditating. The behavior you desire often emerges when it’s no longer forced. The discipline doesn’t come first. What would happen if you stopped worrying about not having the peace of mind you desire?
  5. It’s Not Personal – Last summer for my own experiment/amusement I decided to try out not taking anything personal. And it blew my mind. Because what I realized almost immediately is this: It is never personal. Taking offense is one of the biggest time wasters out there. Even when people are yelling at you it is about them. Not you. Everyone – yourself included – are only ever reacting to their personal thinking. What would happen if you stopped taking things personally? How much time and energy would you save?

Bonus Tip:

  1. Life is Designed to Support You – Examples of this are everywhere. We don’t have to breath our bodies or heal our wounds or beat our hearts. There is a greater intelligence that is always working to support us. Always. What would happen if you trusted this greater intelligence? This tip alone has saved more more time and energy in the last few years than all the rest combined. 

What resonates with you?

Now is the time to go out and experiment and let me know what transpires for you!

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