Forget New Year’s Goals. Try This Instead.

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Forget New Year’s Goals. Try This Instead.

I’ve written before about how our brains are wired to forget all that we’ve accomplished and remind us of tasks left undone.

While this is a handy little biological back-up system it also reinforces our human tendency to be forever focused on what more we have to do, the next goal we need to master, the next rung up the (endless) ladder to success.  

Over time this can result in a stressful, pressure-filled pace of life. Without ever stopping to reflect we miss out on celebrating what we have achieved and more importantly we miss out on the present moment.

Right now.

In this moment you are neither behind nor ahead of yourself.

In this moment a strong argument could be made that you are exactly where you need to be.

In this moment you have the opportunity to allow life to unfold.

This moment is always available to you.

Pause for a moment to catch a glimpse of that. Close your eyes if you need to.

Narrow down your life to this moment

Remind yourself that right now, here, there are no problems.

How can you cue yourself to come back to this moment throughout your day?

The Lotus Bud Mindfulness Bell is a great app to try.

The Lotus Bud Mindfulness Bell is a great app to try.

You can set the timer for a small bell to play throughout the day to bring you back to center, to breathe and be grateful, even to drink more water – whatever works for you.

How would the New Year feel if you were checking in with yourself regularly?

Alternative Year-End Ritual

I wanted to offer another year-end ritual that I have found transformational in my own life.

For the past 4 years, I have met with an accountability buddy every other Monday. We each give an update on what we’ve committed to and figure out what we need to focus on over the next 2 weeks.

This is one of the most powerful and helpful relationships I have ever formed. Lorraine is a tremendous coach and supporter (and organizer too if you live in New Hampshire).

A few years ago we decided on the last call of the year to list all that we had accomplished throughout the year.

We were both blown away by this process. There were so many huge projects and decisions and opportunities that had occurred over the year – that we had completely forgotten about. It has since become an annual ritual.

By taking just a small pocket of time to review and reflect on all the amazing events that transpire throughout the year I now walk into the New Year feeling accomplished, confident and more excited about what is to come.

It also allows me to feel much more present and in touch with myself.

If this activity resonates, I would encourage you to find a partner, friend, or colleague to share your 2014 accomplishments.

I promise that it will give you an entirely new appreciation for what you are capable of and set the stage for a fantastically productive – and present – New Year.

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