How To Get Rid Of Negative Thinking

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Getting rid of negative thinking is the current über popular self-development strategy of the day.

It looks logical – we’ll feel better if we get rid of all the bad thoughts in our minds. If we can keep our thoughts positive we’ll be more positive. Avoiding negative thoughts has become a cultural obsession.

Ironically, we are pretty negative about negative thinking. We’re adding more of the same judgment and shame on top of thoughts we already don’t want.

This is where the logic falls apart. More negative thoughts about our negative thinking is only going to create more of the thoughts you don’t want. It isn’t the way out you are seeking.

Click on the video or this link to hear a very different approach to navigating “negative” thinking without inadvertently creating more thinking in your mind.

This understanding doesn’t take more doing or management of thought. In fact seeing the nature of thought naturally quiets our minds and reveals the behaviors we are seeking. No self-monitoring required. Learn more here.

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