How To Get Unstuck From The Inside-Out

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How to Get Unstuck From the Inside-Out

How to get unstuck is a common theme among those I am fortunate enough to work with. People can show up feeling stuck in all sorts of ways – from procrastination, self-sabotage, and anxious or depressive tendencies to being consistently stressed, busy, and overwhelmed.

Fortunately, regardless of where you are stuck, how deeply you feel stuck, or how long you’ve been stuck – there is only one direction to point you towards. Just one. This universal understanding has the power to dislodge your most ingrained, habituated, and conditioned patterns.

The only thing that is necessary for you to get the most out of this understanding is a willingness to look for your freedom in an entirely new direction: from the inside-out.

Let’s get started right now shall we?

Below you will find the 5 most common “get unstuck” pathways I use to point people towards the inside-out understanding. In a one-on-one session these would be customized to your situation. This is helpful because everyone has a different way of understanding this new direction. But the essence would still very much be the same as what I’ve laid out for you here.

How to Get Unstuck From the Inside-Out

1.    Notice that you aren’t always stuck. The quality of your stuck feelings ebb and flow. Just like the weather. Sometimes it can feel like a prison you can’t break free from and other times it looks far, far less grim. Notice the gradations in your experience. Your outlook is always shifting – just like the weather.

2.    Notice that feeling stuck and stagnant is a quality or symptom of your current state of mind not the cause of your current state of mind. When we are feeling stuck– it can look like you aren’t moving forward at all. Then the weather clears out and you start to see more clearly the progress you are actually making. Allow the weather to clear out.

3.    Stop trying to “Get Unstuck”. The more you dive into our thinking and feelings by trying to fix them through analyses, figuring things out, processing your emotions, etc. – the more those thoughts and feelings stick around. And often the more stuck you will feel.

4.    Step back from your thinking. The answers you seek don’t live inside your thinking. They live beyond thought. Give yourself room for new insight and fresh realizations. Allow thoughts and feelings to float on by – there is no need to buy into them. They are the weather passing through. The only thing your feelings are reflecting is your current thinking not your current reality.

5.    Listen for your perfect-for-you inside-out strategies. Your best actions and clarity live outside your thinking. As you slowly gain more and more distance from all your thoughts and emotions – new, fresh, insights and ideas occur to you. You aren’t thinking your way to them.​​​​​​​ They show up. They are so obvious that they don’t even look like a “strategy”. They just look obvious. Clear, simple, obvious direction. This is happening to you all the time. We were all born with this ability. Start to notice. Everyone has the capacity for fresh insight in any moment. You can’t force this to happen – but you can give your thinking a break which opens you up to hearing something new. 

Everyone has their own way of grasping this very different way of navigating life. The deeper you see how this works for yourself – the less stuck you feel. The more you allow life to unfold – without having to control each moment – the more you shift into productive action. You end up letting go of a lot of extraneous thought – and shift into a more peaceful and productive experience as a result.

I’d love to hear what shows up for you as you experiment with this. Feel free to email me with comments or questions or set up a phone call if you are ready to go deeper into this understanding.

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