How To Grow Your Support Team Today

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How to Grow Your Support Team Today

In my line of work I often run into amazing parents, spouses, business owners, graduate students, and in-demand professionals – many of whom fall under each one of these categories at the same time.

If you have even half of this level of activity it can be easy to fall into a frantic pace of life and the inevitable burnout that follows.

But there is an easier way to avoid burnout and increase your own productivity – without increasing the pace of life even further. The answer?

Grow your support team today.

Your support team may consist of family and friends – which is a great place to start – but there are many, many more options available at your fingertips.

Here are a few simple ways you can grow your support team today:

Personal assistant/Virtual assistants: These lovely people can take on work and life projects for you that free you to focus on the elements only you can do. Examples include coordinating vendors, researching on the Internet, data entry, just to name a few.

Home Organizer: There are so many people out there with the ability to help you get way more organized at your home and office. This not only saves you time but a ton of stress knowing how to find things when you need them.

Freelancers: Do you need a specialized service? Transcription? Writing? Graphic design? There are some amazing sites these days that bring all of these people together under one roof. Fiverr and Upwork are a great place to start.

Babysitters/Lawn Care/Cleaning Services/Any task you can think of: Free up a couple of hours each week to reset your life and have some fun. This is a huge part of not falling into burnout – giving yourself space for down time.

I urge you to take a peek and see how might be able to save you an hour or two a month, a week, or even every day.

Curious what that time is worth? Click here to crunch the numbers and you’ll see how much it costs you to continue doing everything yourself (or not getting things done at all).

Are You Ready To Upgrade Your Time Management and Task Systems?

If you are ready to put ALL the pieces together of your time and task management system I encourage you to check out my digital workbook on called True For You Time Management. It walks you through the process of building a time and task system that really and truly works for you. Check it out.

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