How To Make A Decision

How To Make A Decision

A very common frustration among my clients is how to make a decision. They can spin for days or weeks or months trying to figure out the best course of action.

The question beneath this frustration is, “How do I make the right decision?”

There is an extra layer of anxiety “on” this decision – what if you screw up and pick the wrong thing?

Here’s a slightly different take on how to make a decision that has helped quiet that anxiety and allowed me to move forward with much more ease.

How to Make a Decision

I had a mentor once tell me that there is no such thing as a “decision” – it’s only at some point you see what is obvious.

Well this pretty much rocked my world. It made so much sense to me that we aren’t ever really “deciding” but rather looking at what we already know. And we know when we know and not really before then.

The Obvious has since become an extremely useful and practical place for me to look.

If I’m not sure which direction to go in – in my life or in my day – I can look at The Obvious.

What is great is The Obvious only lives in one place: Right Now.

It’s this wonderful little backdoor into being present – without trying to be present – which can’t actually work.

Here’s what I wanted to offer if you aren’t sure which decision to make.

If you’re feeling lost, overwhelmed, ungrounded, depressed, anxious, unsure, confused, scared, lonely, ashamed, sad…see what is Right Now.

See what is obvious in the moment.

Now will always give you a next step – even if it doesn’t look like one.

It might be to go for a walk or call a friend or finish your project or take a nap or take a breath or ask for help or do the laundry or make dinner or play a game or check Facebook or do nothing.

See what is Obvious. A no-brainer. Clear. Bring it closer to now until you see The Obvious.

Notice the wisdom in the obvious next step – not what your head is saying you should do or need to do. Look beyond. Look at right now.

Our capacity to see something new – in any moment – is a constant. What we do is always changing. Look to the source of the doing rather than the doing itself: Right Now.

This keeps you on solid ground – in the awareness of who you fundamentally are. And the deep resources of resiliency at your disposal.

Decisions show up on their own. There is no need to force them. They arise. The obvious will take you to the next step, to the place where clarity surfaces.

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