How To Tell If You’re Doing Enough

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I had a great question from a participant at a recent Meetup Group:

How do you know if you’re doing enough?

This man had a lot of evidence that he wasn’t doing enough to get things done. To move himself and his projects forward. But the more we discussed it the more I realized something:

This question showing up in his mind was his biggest piece of evidence that he wasn’t doing enough.

This question brought with it the feeling of not doing enough.

It can look like the feeling is telling you about how much you are or are not doing.

But the the feeling can only be telling you about the thought that created it.

The more you can see this distinction for yourself – the easier it is to move life forward without having to pay so much attention to the churning thoughts in your head and far more attention to the deeper source of wisdom that lives beneath it all.

Click above to check out this week’s quick 5 minute video for to go deeper into this explanation and learn what that kind of question is actually telling you.

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