How To Upgrade Your Energy

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How to Upgrade Your Energy

As a productivity coach with a very holistic approach, my goal is to not only improve your time management system but to upgrade your energy system as well. This is a huge source of productivity that is often overlooked.

I define energy management as:

  • Maintaining awareness over your energy “tank”
  • Recognizing and eliminating sources that drain your energy and
  • Routinely engaging in activities that nourish your mind, body, and spirit.

Energy management is the glue that holds all of your other systems together. Which is why it is so important to upgrade your energy on a regular basis. Without this your life and work systems become exponentially harder to maintain.

How Do You Upgrade Your Energy?

I’ve compiled a few strategies below to help you upgrade your energy. I strongly encourage you to brainstorm your own answers to these questions. Select one from each list to focus on and keep a watchful eye on what nourishes and drains you.

Your world will change – I guarantee it.

First let’s consider – what drains your energy?

Shoulds – Are there projects, groups, or even people in your life that you interact with only because you feel you “should”? Do yourself and them a favor by letting these go.

Self-criticism – This is a big one. Those who tend to be hard on themselves have a major opportunity to generate a huge surge in energy. Start today by giving yourself a break and the world will feel entirely different.

Clutter – That box of (paper, junk, collectibles, clothes, etc.) that sits in the (basement, guest room, hallway, closet, etc.) that is driving you nuts is a major energy drain.

Giving to others without first giving to yourself – When your reserves are low you can’t give as freely, and you can’t give as fully. Give your loved ones and your work the ultimate gift and take care of yourself first.

What nourishes your mind, body, and spirit?

Food – clean, fresh, juicy, crisp delicious food will fuel your body, mind, and spirit.

Meditating/prayer/gratitude – Even if you only have a few moments, breathing deeply and giving thanks or just being still can have a monumental impact on your day.

Sleep You’ve heard it here before and you will here it again – sleep changes everything instantly.

Hugs – These are my favorite. Such a simple but unbelievably powerful act.

Running/walking/biking – Moving our bodies creates a huge energy upgrade.

Stretching – A great way to start and end the day.

Fun – If given a free day for only fun – how would you spend it? What are the most fun parts of your ‘normal’ days?

Nature – Water and trees and wide rolling fields can calm the mind like nothing else. What works for you?

Singing/Dancing – In your car, in your skivvies, or up on stage – get into the moment and out of your head and feel an immediate impact on your energy.

The key here is to take what resonates with you and experiment to discover your best ways to upgrade your energy. What works for you will stick and what doesn’t will slowly fade. This is how you customize a system that works for you and your world.

Are You Ready To Upgrade Your Time Management and Task Systems?

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