Mistake #4: You Think You Can Do It All

Time Management

Mistake #4- You Think You Can Do It All

OK. I’ll admit it.

There really, truly isn’t enough time to do it all.

There I said it.

But here’s my question to you:

Why would you want there to be?

The way this game of life is set up, you have been given the opportunity each moment to choose how you wish to live.

Imagine if that wasn’t the case? If we all lived in perpetuity?

There wouldn’t be the need for goals, for dreams, for making the most of each and every day.

There wouldn’t be the need to earn our way, to improve, to leverage our strengths, to live with intention.

In my opinion the biggest gift we have been given on this planet is this:

A finite lifetime.

More is accomplished, experienced, and appreciated because of this truth, not less.

Wanting more time solves nothing.

It is a waste of energy and diverts you from the actual responsibility at hand:

What are you willing to spend your precious time on?

Answering this question each day is where true change takes place.

And interestingly, I have found that the more you relish in your response the more spaciousness you will feel around time.

Time pressure is at its most intense when you don’t like how you are spending it.

Rest assured there is exactly enough time for you to live the life you crave.

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