Our Life Changing Capacity For Insight

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I was asked recently to articulate the biggest change I’ve experienced as a result of understanding the Three Principles Paradigm.

In this 3 minute video I do my best to capture what I think has made the biggest impact on my life and the lives of my clients: Our Capacity For Insight.

This understanding helped me see I could live life more freely looking in the direction of insight vs. looking harder at how to run the show via my own thinking.

I no longer needed to control my every thought, feeling and behavior. The fact that we can have insights that naturally guide us forward – in any moment – has completely changed the game for me.

Pointing you in the direction of your own capacity for insight as an easier way to navigate life and be more productive forms the basis of my coaching practice.

This way you don’t just get clarity on where you feel stuck now but how to get unstuck in the future too.

I created a quick quiz that distinguishes these different ways we can navigate life. Find out how you’ve conditioned yourself to get things done and what you can do to shift into your more natural flow – and accomplish far more without so much stress.

If you are ready to dive in deeper into your own insights and understanding I’d suggest you check out a full listing of resources to get started.

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