Strategy-Free Productivity

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Strategy-Free Productivity

For a long time, I focused my coaching practice around helping people with time management and organization.

From the beginning, I was less interested in giving people strategies and much more interested in helping them see how they find their own innate strategies.

Teaching people to fish versus giving them fish made a lot more sense to me.

What I saw over and over is that when people try to fit themselves into time management or organizational strategy that they read about or saw their perfectly organized co-worker do – it would be an uphill battle to make that strategy stick.

They would inevitably get frustrated with themselves and assume a character defect – that they needed more discipline, willpower, motivation, accountability, etc. to get that strategy in place.

This can easily become an endless cycle of frustration, judgment, and avoidance if we don’t know another way out.

Several years ago I finally stumbled upon an even more direct way out of this old way of creating change.

Rather than fight against themselves, people realize they have their own natural way of navigating life already built into them. This innate capacity is often clouded by an extreme amount of thinking to the contrary.

The key to Strategy-free productivity

Attempting to make that thinking go away isn’t actually the answer – that can only create more thought to manage.

But seeing through thought and how it relates to our feelings and behaviors opens up an entirely new experience for people. It certainly did for me.

When people see through their thinking and begin to recognize their own innate capacity to navigate life from this deeper wisdom – they free themselves from the cycle of being dependent upon a strategy to make them more productive or feel better. ​​​​​​​

They become more productive and in alignment with their goals – and who they truly are – without having to do more or force themselves into new thinking, feelings or a new behavior.

How to improve?

Nowadays I focus my coaching practice on this foundational understanding into the nature of thought, feelings, and behaviors because it supports all areas of life – not just in the world of productivity.

My clients leverage the power of this understanding to quiet anxiety, procrastination, overeating, overworking, managing stress, to help with easier decision-making, career changes, relationships, self-care, getting organized, studying for school, and much more. ​​​​​​​

It is a different conversation. And it is the most practical, fundamental conversation I’ve ever found to move us forward naturally – without resistance – towards that with which we are most aligned.

Do you want to improve productivity?

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