The Best Ways To Capture Your Ideas

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The Best Ways To Capture Your Ideas

When I was growing up, every weekend started with ‘Chores Day’ for my brother, sister, and I. Dusting, vacuuming, washing sinks – we all had our designated jobs to complete.

While I never completely learned to love this day, I did figure out a way to make it more fun.

Without a doubt, the best part of this weekly routine was writing up my Saturday Chores To-List. Oh yes, my chore duties never changed week-to-week but this list was a must-have.

So what is it that I love about to-do lists so much?

I love giving thoughts and ideas home. A place where I can refer back to them. And I love that when you give thoughts to a home even more wonderful, creative, inspired thoughts bubble to the surface.

I love the sense of accomplishment when crossing things off my list (the driving force behind my youthful list-making to be sure).

Another reason is that trying to remember things tends to stress me out. If my head fills with more then 3 items I have to buy at the store I am done for. This kind of remembering crowds out other important stuff and actually creates more anxiety.

And who needs that kind of stress? I sure don’t. And I know you don’t either so in honor of my love of lists and their seemingly endless usefulness, I’ve gathered my favorite idea lists – in a list – for your reference.

My Favorite Types Of Idea Lists

Weekend/Day Trip List – Keep a stockpile of getaways handy for the next time you need to head out of town.

Groceries List – I keep a sticky pad of paper and pen near my fridge to capture these regular household items.

Movies to See/Websites to Visit/Songs to Download Lists

Feel Good List – When you feel out of sorts check out this list to see what will make you feel better – a hug? A run? A long call to a good listener.

Someday/Maybe List – This is a very popular type of list thanks to David Allen from Getting Things Done. Use this for all of those purchases you’d like to make, inventions you’d like to patent, books to read, experiences you’d like to have.

Packing/Camping List – Keep this list electronically and you’ll soon know the core categories of what you need to pack every time you leave your home.

Things to do with my (partner, kids, ___ ) List – No explanation necessary.

Rainy Day List – For those random projects and activities that are best saved for rainy days – jigsaw puzzle anyone?

Connect With List – This is a list of people I need to call or e-mail. Anyone at all – old friends, client prospects, relatives – you name it! It’s always best to write down their numbers on the list too if you don’t have them stored in your phone.

Accomplishments List – For all that you are proud of, this list is best stored in a special folder that holds all of the extra special notes, awards, letters you’ve received that just make you remember all that you have accomplished!

Now, where should you store all of these lists?

Of course, it is entirely up to what works for you. Here are some ideas to get your juices flowing.

  • Moleskine notebooks (or any notebook will do – these just happen to be wicked)
  • Any task or list app in your smartphone
  • Word or Excel documents
  • Whiteboards in your office

What types of lists do you keep handy? What are the lists you need to keep you feeling productive and on top of things? Share below.

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