Work-Life Balance Is A Choice

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Work-Life Balance Is a Choice

It’s become en vogue lately to discount work-life balance as an unrealistic goal to have in our super-charged, information-overloaded, non-stop world.

I think that is a load of baloney.

First of all, you are the one that gets to decide what your version of balance is.

The work and life scale doesn’t have to be even for it to be right for you. I prefer to think of it in percentages.

Right now my preferred work-life ratio is 60-40. I want to spend more of my waking time at work.

Back when I was in a relationship and had a family of pets to take care of my ratio was closer to 50-50 or even 45-55.

What is your preferred ‘balance’?

Maybe you just started your business and are committed to putting in long hours until you have a more stable income.

Maybe you have a sabbatical business that lets you work hard for 9 months out of the year and take 3 months off in the summer.

Maybe you just had a baby and really want to dial back your workload for a few months or years.

Maybe you have been working at warp speed for 20 years and are starting to feel pulled toward a life that involves less work.

Your ratio of work and life is up to you. And did you notice? It will evolve over time.

Once you have a clear idea of what your preferred work-life balance the second step is to commit.

In other words, you have to work-life balance a priority.

This is not always easy, especially when you are just beginning to build these muscles.

You may have to opt out of finishing that project tonight so that you can get to your favorite exercise class.

You may have to miss out on a business opportunity so that you can go on vacation with your family.

You may have to forego a day with friends to finalize your new program.

But here’s THE most critical thing to remember at all times:

You are always at choice.

Work and life don’t happen to you. You are the designer, orchestrator, and master of your time.

As soon as you own these choices and your version of work-life balance – you will find a wellspring of power, clarity, and resolve waiting for you. Try it out and see.

What is your personal balance of work and life? How do you keep it in check? Be sure to share your thoughts with others below.

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