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Habits That Last Video Course

Julie Gray


The Habits That Last online course is 20+ years in the making and I’m thrilled to share it with you.

This video course was designed for those who:

  • Have tried countless strategies, techniques, practices, philosophies to create new habits and improve their experience – relying on discipline and willpower only to find it doesn’t last
  • Try to fit themselves into a strategy rather than molding the strategy to fit who you are
  • Struggle with “negative thinking” and self-judgment and have a strong desire to change their thinking so they can have a better experience or result
  • Are sick of constantly needed to fix yourself in order to find the freedom, peace of mind, happiness that you seek
  • Can sense that there must be an easier way to make life easier

This course offers an entirely different understanding in which to see how sustainable change can be created in your life naturally – in a way that fits who you truly are.

I think that like every great coach, Julie is particularly gifted at helping people to make changes toward who they really are rather than what they think they should be. I’ve made some significant changes with a real impact on what I can done and how I do it in a way that feels right for me. - Susan K., Maryland

Video Course Breakdown:

  1. Ditch Self-Help: What the old, outdated model for “self-help” looks like, why it doesn’t actually work, and how it accidentally makes us even more stuck.
  2. See the Invisible: The first pointer towards creating change outside of the old model and how this is already a part of your experience. Here we start to make the invisible more visible by looking at logic alone.
  3. Listen to the Obvious: The second pointer towards creating change without discipline, willpower, and so much stress is to start to see how your best next step arises for you – and what happens when you start to listen more closely.
  4. Discover Who You Are: The final pointer in this video course is to look more directly at who you fundamentally are – beyond your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. This forms the foundation on which all change occurs.

The average video is approximately 8 minutes long. Client stories and some of my own are interwoven throughout so you can get a sense of how this works in real life.

Julie has such a way of presenting information that is easy to understand, easy to implement and easy to keep taking action on. - Kim Ravida, Health Coach, Boston, MA
Julie is an excellent coach and facilitator. She is right on target with her suggestions and I like the fact that she is mind/body focused in her approach. - Susan, S. Consultant, Washington, DC.