5 Quick Steps To Take Back Your Power From Time

Time Management

5 Quick Steps to Take Back Your Power From Time

Time. It’s a relationship that has frustrated people for ages. Who has the power? Who is really in control? Time or me? Can you really “manage” time? Is time even real? If it’s not real why is it such a pain in the ass?

Without letting this turn into a philosophical post that would no doubt fascinate me more than you, let’s cut to the chase: you can manage your relationship with time. The first step? Take back your power.

The next? Make friends with time (I’ll save this for a future post). Meanwhile, read on for 5 quick steps on how to take back your power from time. And be sure to let me know what you think on the Facebook page.

  1. Be you. We all have a natural rhythm with time that flows between spaciousness and structure. It’s different for each of us. Find your sweet spot. Notice the systems you already have in place that work for you. Customize generic time strategies to fit your flow. Let go of second-guessing and beating yourself up. Trust your way has merit.
  2. Prioritize. Letting other people set our priorities through email, phone calls, meetings, and various “emergencies” is another way we give up our power. It can be easier to let others dictate our time rather than determine our own priorities. Your day needs a powerful anchor to keep you focused and heading in your best direction – that anchor is your key priorities.
  3. Protect. Your time is always your time. It takes boundary setting – saying no, ditching always available syndrome, slowing down – to protect your time from others so that you can focus on what is important to you. No one is going to give you this time – you have to give it to yourself to make it happen.
  4. Stop using time as a scapegoat. It isn’t that you don’t have that time for that task/person/activity – it’s that you are unwilling to make it enough of a priority for you to give it time. This is a critical shift in the power dynamic. You are not a victim of time. You are in control of where you spend your time. Rock on.
  5. Let go of control. A sneaky way to take back our power is to let go of the need to control it all. When you look in the direction of a greater power operating in the background of our existence – you remember that life has a way of working itself out when we step back and stop trying to force the solution we think is best.

Are you managing time or is time managing you? What would life be like if you no longer felt at the mercy of the clock? How do you take back your power from time? Join the discussion on the Facebook Group here.

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