7 Ways To Quickly Recharge Your Spirit

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7 Ways to Quickly Recharge Your Spirit

I went to the doctor last month and complained about a recent surge of middle-of-the-night insomnia. Her prescription? Meditation.

This shouldn’t have been a surprise to me. It’s been a couple of years since I meditated with any consistency. I dropped the practice when I moved to a new home and realized that I was no longer meditating during my morning sessions but ruminating.

This is not at all a productive way to start your day. So I let the practice go trusting that it would resurface when the timing was right.

Apparently that time is now.

The day after my doctor’s appointment I sat outside on my porch in the sunshine and focused on my breath. I “dropped in” pretty quickly (for me that means my body goes very still and my mind quiets down). Soon after an image not unlike Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man popped into my mind but with lightening bolts coming out from the arms, legs, and head.

Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man

I went back to my breath but the image remained.

After a few minutes, feeling curious and a little intrigued I finally realized I could just ask the image why it was there.

It immediately replied: “Recharge.

Oh! I was recharging my spirit. Hahaha – how lovely!

Since then the image hasn’t returned but I have been meditating regularly again.

And my sleep? Back to normal.

In our fast-paced, busy-focused lives it can be very easy not to take the time to recharge our spirits. Not being able to sleep through the night was my literal “wake-up call” that I needed to slow down and reconnect to myself.

What signs are you ignoring that your spirit needs to recharge?

Giving yourself permission to take this time – even for just a few minutes a day – can boost your productivity exponentially – far more than finding the right dayplanner or perfecting your to-do list.

Below are 6 additional ways to quickly recharge your spirit but I encourage you to tune in to your body and ask what your spirit needs – you might be surprised at the answer!

How to Quickly Recharge Your Spirit

Take a hot bath with Epsom salts. Water is a conduit. It is representative of the flow of energy. Often people can meditate, pray, or receive spiritual guidance from the floor of their bathtub more easily than anywhere “spiritual”. The salts are very detoxifying which creates even more flow inside your body.

Send love to someone you don’t know. I used to do this on the Washington DC Metro during my morning commute. Pick someone that looks like they need a boost and just imagine sending them loving energy. Who knows what impact this will have on their day? Another way I’ve done this is when I am walking or running I imagine trails of gold energy flowing behind me.

Move your body to music

Move your body to music. This is a one-two punch. Music is packed with energy that can literally reset your mood instantly. Combine this with yoga, dancing, a run outside and you’ve got yourself a powerful – and very quick – recharging strategy.

Ignite your sexual desire. When do you feel your sexiest? Dig out that amazing outfit, get a babysitter, schedule a date night, take care of your needs – no one else will do this for you and the spiritual ramifications of reconnecting with your sexual self cannot be underestimated.

Cry. Sometimes my tears get stuck inside of me for too long so I use a good tear-jerker movie or I read The Good News Network to move these emotions through my body. More peace and rejuvenation awaits on the other side of a good cry.

Get Creative. Are you a writer that doesn’t write? A painter that doesn’t paint? A singer that isn’t singing? These are your gifts and when you keep them stuffed inside – they create major blocks of frustrated energy. When you allow yourself to create you release the dam and things in life flow – in all parts of your life – more easily. Being creative is a highly recharging practice.

What struck you while reading this? Did another idea pop into your mind? Let your intuition guide you to what your spirit most needs right now. 

Are You Ready to Fully Recharge Your Spirit?

If you can feel the need to recharge your spirit and find more flow in your life I highly recommend you check out the posts below and my current coaching programs. Designed to increase your productivity, creativity, and well-being – without more stress and overwhelm – these programs leverage the mind, body, and spirit to bring you back into balance.

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