A New Paradigm for Productivity and Stress Management

To get started with understanding the new paradigm for productivity and stress management, I suggest downloading a copy of my “Backwards Way to Move Forward” eGuide. This is a quick introduction into this practical and unique approach that gives you a new way to naturally navigate stress, procrastination and be more productive — without more discipline or willpower.

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Freedom From Overthinking

You are not alone! Join like-minded people who meet monthly in and around the Washington, D.C. area - open to teens and adults who would like to navigate life with less stress.

Podcast Interviews

Access a full list of podcast interviews I've been lucky enough to participate in. I share some of my best tips and tricks for productivity from a three-principles and holistic time management perspective.

Free Audio Library

Free access to over 20 hours of evergreen organizing and time management strategies. These downloadable teleclasses offer interviews, transcripts, and checklists on a broad range of topics.



This is a fun way to see what type of “Time Personality” you have and how this impacts your relationship with time. Click the button below to take the this quick quiz.

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This is a full blown assessment of the core time management skills I’ve come across throughout the years. Download via the button below and view your results HERE.

Holistic Time Management Programs

True for You Time Management
Bundle ($19)

As part of the workbook bundle you will receive: • A beautiful, highly visual, time workbook • A downloadable audio version of the entire workbook • Procrastination to Peace of Mind Audio Program including 3 mindfulness based visualization exercises and a 10 page bonus workbook

30 Days to Inbox Zero-ish Audio Program ($29)

This program offers a specific framework for digging out of email backlog and getting into maintenance mode. Included are: 4 audio recordings from a group class, The Definitive Guide to Managing Your Email Inbox, and additional resources.

Freedom From Overwhelm Ultimate Bundle ($49)

This is the ultimate productivity package. In addition to the Time Workbook, Procrastination Audio, and Inbox Zero-ish programs – you also get a series of 8 specific lessons – each with their own audio and handouts to walk you step-by-step through the process of revamping your time system in a way that actually works with your life.