Flow Productivity Quiz

What is your Conditioned Productivity Style

It is time to ditch the old, outdated productivity paradigm of pushing harder and moving faster. There is a new paradigm for productivity that allows you to get more done with far less stress, overwhelm, and anxiety.

The following quiz will reveal your current conditioned productivity style and begin to distinguish for you a new pathway for navigating life that generates more ease, resiliency, and accomplishment.

Pick your most common response. Don’t think too hard about your answers. Go with your first instinct.

  1. When I feel stressed and overwhelmed at work I generally...
    A. Don't take my stress and overwhelm too seriously
    B. Work harder, and push myself to get more done
    C. Escape, avoid, procrastinate, analyze why I can't move forward
    D. I don't really get overwhelmed by
  2. I leverage my capacity for insight, intuition, and wisdom...
    A. Often
    B. Sometimes
    C. Rarely
    D. This doesn't apply to me
  3. Time and stress management strategies are generally...
    A. Distractions from your most productive actions
    B. Helpful in keeping me grounded and moving forward
    C. Hard to manage. I need more discipline to keep them in place.
    D. Not something I ever really think about
  4. I find my thoughts to be generally...
    A. Useful in certain situations
    B. Vital to getting things done and moving life forward
    C. A bit overwhelming and hard to manage
    D. Mostly entertaining
  5. If my work and life were less stressful I would have more peace of mind.
    A. 0% true
    B. 100% true
    C. 80% true
    D. 20% true
  6. When I don't feel motivated I tend to...
    A. Not make my lack of motivation mean too much
    B. Do something to inspire me: listen to a tape, meditate, journal, take a walk, find a positive thought to move me forward
    C. Procrastinate. Avoid. Feel bad about avoiding it.
    D. Go play and not worry about it.
  7. My state of mind...
    A. Determines my thoughts, emotions, and behaviors at any moment
    B. Is more positive when I'm on top of what I need to get done
    C. Is more positive when I'm taking action - even if I'm not caught up
    D. Isn't something I pay attention to
  8. I'm always doing the best I can at any moment - and so is everyone else.
    A. 100% true
    B. 60% true
    C. 40% true
    D. 80% true

Total your responses for each letter and view your results below.

Productivity Quiz results graph

Mostly A’s - Flow

You are tapping into ALL of your available resources to move life forward with resiliency, productivity, and creativity. You understand the inside-out nature of your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors and therefore don’t need to spend much time and energy managing them. You leverage your wisdom and intellect to control what you can and let go of what you can’t. This enables you to enjoy life and make it truly work for you.

Mostly B's - Force

There is a strong drive to get things done in order to keep stress and overwhelm at bay. You tend toward a quicker pace of life. It can take a lot of effort, focus, and determination to keep up with the pace of life. There is a lot you need to control and manage. You’d love to slow down and relax your grip on life but it would jeopardize how much is accomplished and would negatively impact those you support.

Mostly B's - Fight

Much of your time is spent attempting to move life forward by finding the right thoughts, feelings, and behaviors first. You can get stuck in inaction – mired in over-analyses and fighting with your inner self. This can look a lot like perfectionism and procrastination. You wish you had more discipline, willpower, and motivation to keep life moving forward. Things get done but not without a lot of internal struggle. You’d love for accomplishment to be much easier.

Mostly B's - Float

Life feels like it is happening to you – you are generally not an active participant in determining where you go. You are being swept from place to place without conscious anchors to guide you. There is fun and enjoyment but it is fleeting contentment that doesn’t translate into a deeper sense of contribution or meaning.

Helpful Notes

  • Flow represents the new productivity paradigm. All other styles represent the old paradigm.
  • It is common to be a combination of two productivity styles that we swing between.
  • These styles aren’t fixed. You can shift into a new default style at any time.
  • The questions that don’t make sense to you provide the most opportunity for growth.
  • Everyone has experienced each of these styles. We are cycling through them all the time.

Where to go from here

To continue distinguishing this practical understanding for yourself – download my free eGuide here. Check out the blog and YouTube channel for more free resources.

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