Find Your Center Amidst Massive Change

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Find Your Center Amidst Massive Change

To say there is a lot going on in the world right now is a gross understatement. It can make it hard to find your center amidst such massive change.

What is occurring is unprecedented. There is no playbook on how to navigate a global shut-down and its impact on our day-to-day lives. The rules are changing by the minute.

The overwhelm is real and understandable.

The proverbial rug has been pulled out from underneath us and we are falling through the air trying to find solid ground on which to put our feet. At least that’s how it feels for me.

So let’s find some solid ground shall we?

Find Your Center Amidst Massive Change

  1. You don’t have to feel OK to be OK. All the feelings coming up right now – fear, concern, anxiety, relief, gratitude, overwhelm, anger, relaxation, disappointment, enjoyment – all of it is OK. You get to feel what you feel. No need spending extra energy resisting what arises. Let the feelings be felt and let them move through. Offer the same grace to others.
  2. Uncertainty is certain. You have never actually known what is coming next. We all suffer the wonderful and useful delusion in life that the plans we make offer a glimpse into the future. That we have that kind of control. It’s unsettling to be reminded this isn’t how life works. It’s also helpful. Your true strength isn’t in the plans you make but your capacity to make them. To adjust. To be flexible. To adapt. This is for certain.
  3. Moment-by-moment works. What is the most obvious thing for you to do right now – in this moment? What is getting done without your thinking much about it? What is the no-brainer next step to take? This is what I call listening to the moment. This is listening beyond your busy brain, the news, a significant other, etc. This is looking at life right now and seeing what lives there – for you. Keep the moment close – it always delivers.
  4. Make your grounded list. A wonderful friend texted the other day and asked how I grounded myself. It was such a great (and obvious!) exercise to think through what I do in life to find my center. Going for walks outside, talking with family and friends, writing, working, watching TV in my bed in the middle of the day:) – all made my list. What is on your list? Take a minute to consider. Do your things.
  5. We’re in this together. The amazing irony of this moment is in our collective need to be separate we have the opportunity to support, connect, and impact the greater good in a way that we’ve never had before. We have the immediate and direct power to protect our neighbors, loved ones, and those we will never meet merely by keeping our distance. Remember that your sacrifice is saving others. Truly.

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