How To Release Stuck Energy In Your Mind, Body, And Spirit

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How To Release Stuck Energy In Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

It’s Springtime right now and that means it is the perfect opportunity for release the stuck energy in your mind, body, and spirit.

It is one of the reasons I love the changing of the seasons so much. Each transition reminds me of a new way of living and brings with it a whole new type of energy.

And the energy behind Springtime is rebirth, renewal, and release. Which means it is high time that you start letting things go.

You see over time, there are areas of our lives that get filled up with stuff. Riff Raff. Junk. Clutter.

Some of the clutter you can see clearly. But there are other areas of your life and home where the accumulation is so gradual it barely registers on your radar.

Until one day you realize the pile behind the door has started leaking into the next room, or that your body feels really weighed-down and low-energy, or your to-do list has gotten completely out of control.

These are the results of a major clutter pile-up. And now is the perfect time to let it go.

So how do you release stuck energy?

Here are some of my favorite tips for renewing and releasing during the Springtime – not just for your home but for your mind, body, and spirit too.

For your home:

Walk into each room of your house today as if for the first time. What would a stranger notice? What has been ‘hanging around’ for weeks, months, years that is ready to be released? Don’t wait – pitch something today.

For your body:

During the winter our energy levels tend to slow down a bit. Now is the time to get the energy flowing in our bodies again.

Release the toxins in your body from caffeine, sugar, alcohol, wheat, and dairy.

Dance! Turn on your favorite tunes and shake that booty of yours.

Get outside and walk, bike, or run. As you move your body visualize the fresh air clearing out all of the negative gunk that has been trapped in your body all winter.

For your mind:

Review your key priorities and release what doesn’t light you up right in this moment. You can do it all – just not all right now.

Take an ax to your to-do list. It’s time to get honest about what you will and will not do right now. Get brutal with yourself and let it go already.

Take a peek at your money. Notice where it goes each month and consider how you want to focus your money this year. This exercise can be a huge energy booster. Be on the lookout for expenses you can reduce or release completely.

For your spirit:

Make room for your emotions. Most of us are moving so fast that we can’t process how we feel. Take time to reconnect with your internal self through a walk outdoors, mindful breathing, meditation, etc. This brings with it so much peace and flow that we would miss out on otherwise.

Complaining can also take up lots of energy. I am not going to say it is easy, but the creativity that surfaces when you quiet this habit is astounding.

Are You Ready to Release More Stuck Energy?

If you are craving to release stuck energy in your mind, body, and spirit I highly recommend you check out the posts below and my current coaching programs. Designed to increase your productivity, creativity, and well-being – without more stress and overwhelm – these programs leverage the mind, body, and spirit to bring you back into balance.

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